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Endorsements and Testimonials

Commissioner Gary Fickes

The Honorable Laura Hill

The Honorable Shawn McCaskill

The Honorable Chad Patton

The Honorable Andy Wambsganss

Leigh Wambsganss

Tim O'Hare

Christen O'Hare

Magdalena Battles

Kathy Del Calvo

Leo Del Calvo

Dr. John Thomas

Renee Thomas

Jennifer Winter

Rob Winter

Bonnie Aughenbaugh

James Aughenbaugh

James Jackson

Leigh Jackson

Amy Becker
Kirk Becker

Colleen Neely

Jeff Neely

Amanda Bryan

Cameron Bryan

Jolyn Potenza

Jennifer Robbins

Joey Milner

Laurie Milner
Amy Bruster
Anthony Bruster

Krysten Myser

Tyler Myser
Lisa Bryant
Matt Bryant

Alicia Wagner
Chip Wagner

Bonnie Aughenbaugh

James Aughenbaugh

Bradley Taylor

Lance Coleman
Robyn Coleman

Kristine Kemp
John Thane

Libby Thane
Ted Emmert
Tracy Emmert

Jerry Lewis
Shelly Lewis

Ellen Sterin

Steven Sterin
Bret Martin
Carol Martin

Hannah Smith
Biff McQuire

Kasey Pailes

Nathan Pailes

Tara Tate

Tyler Tate
Jennifer Merritt
Nathan Merritt
Joey Milner
Laurie Milner

Jennifer Dyer

Charles Reynolds

Payton Mayes

Andrea Mayes

Fred Conyers

Diagonal Lines


"I've known Randy and Jennifer for nearly 5 years. Randy and I first met at a men's Bible study at 121 Community Church, and we have been in the same small group at 121 ever since. Randy is a man of faith, character and conviction. He is a rock solid conservative and you can count on him to stay true to his beliefs. Randy is exactly who we need leading Southlake."

-Bret Kidd

"I've known Randy since he moved here, and I was relieved he decided to run for Council.  We need to get back to what made our city great and Randy shares that vision with us."

-Brian Lauter

"Having known Randy as a child and having worked with him as a physician and having served as a city councilman for nine years in a community of 200,000, I can tell you without reservation he is exactly what an up-and-coming community needs. He is a master of economic development, has a heart for the needs of those experiencing challenges and he is a loyal man of God. Carefully look at all the candidates, ethics is the key."

-Brian Eades

"I've had the chance to interact with Randy both personally and professionally. He is very approachable and smart. His humble approach will be a valuable asset in his leadership. Most importantly, he is a true conservative with strong personal and family values that will help our community thrive during good times and challenging times. We need local leaders that will stand up for what they believe in, like it or not, and not try to please everyone, but rather maintain consistency according to core values. I believe Randy Robbins to be one of these people."

-Ryan Peabody


"Randy will be a wonderful addition to our city council. He cares about Southlake and our residents. He is an asset to our community and we are lucky to have him serving here."

-Magdalena Battles

"Dr. Robbins’s honest, transparent character, along with his desire to restore our town from the devastating effects of the pandemic, make him the superior candidate for Place 2 City Council."

-Jolyn Potenza

"I've known Randy Robbins since he was a baby. His parents taught him at a very young age to respect the feelings of others. He has never forgotten. They really raised him well! He has been a leader all his life. He is polite and kind to everyone. He never forgets a face and will never fail to recognize you even among strangers. He a very caring and compassionate person. He always wants to do the right thing. He listens carefully then takes action accordingly! He has always been the type of person that wants the best for his family and loved ones as well as his community. Yes, Randy Robbins would make an extremely strong leader and valued addition to the Southlake City Council!"

-Fred Conyers

Election Day: May 1st    Early Voting: April 19-27

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