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I believe Southlake needs strong leaders of high integrity to do what is best for the city and its citizens above all. In the wake of challenging and unprecedented times, our city will face hurdles and tough decisions unlike anything we've ever seen. More than ever, we need leaders who are committed to honesty, integrity, transparency, and fiscal conservatism. As a physician practicing on the front lines, I can bring an unprecedented viewpoint to the council as we face future COVID-related decisions and help the city navigate that process with actual medical experience and connections. Southlake is exceptional, and as your next voice on City Council, I will work tirelessly to preserve and protect the traditions that have made Southlake the best place in Texas to live, work, and raise a family.

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Vision for the Future

Over the past several years, I have felt a draw to serve in public office.  Over the last 9 months, the leadership response to the COVID crisis only reinforced that call as I saw what I viewed as a leadership vacuum across our country. We need men and women to stand up and make the sacrifice to lead their fellow citizens. It all starts right here at home, serving the neighbors we know best!

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Accountable Leadership

City Leadership must be engaged, responsive, and accountable to the citizens of Southlake. As your next City Councilmember, I will fight for continued access, accountability, and transparency.


Low Density & No apartments

I will work hard to maintain the original intent of the Southlake founders and press for continued low-density residential development and will stand against any attempt to build apartments in Southlake.

Police Car

support Frontline workers

In the past year, we've seen our frontline heroes rise to take on unprecedented challenges and risks, all while serving with honor. I will make sure our police, firefighters, teachers, and other frontline heroes receive the support and resources they need and the recognition they deserve. I will always stand up for our men and women in uniform as they strive to provide a safe environment for Southlake families to live and play.

Open For Business

Growth & Opportunity

Southlake is a great place to do business. I will work hard to provide an environment that is not only supportive to current businesses but is also appealing to future businesses. We have to find a way to encourage and support responsible, growth-oriented development in Southlake to maintain a vibrant and functional business environment. As a Doctor and a business owner, I will work to bring the medical community to Southlake.


Keep Southlake Moving

Ensuring safe and smooth transportation in our city is critical to maintaining Southlake's commitment to excellence. I will work to keep our streets, water, and other infrastructure well-maintained. 

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sound & Sustainable Finances

You work hard for your money and you deserve to have a local government that works hard to maximize the impact of each and every one of your tax dollars. I will strive to ensure our operations are managed responsibly and conservatively. I will also continue to support the homestead exemptions and tax rate cut already in place.

Election Day: May 1st    Early Voting: April 19-27

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